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Why Hire Us?

If we can add value to what you are trying to accomplish, hire us. The Panopoulos Group Inc. (TPG)  adds value in the following ways.

We understand behavioral finance. We know when to buy and sell. We have a process for decision making that is void of emotion, allowing us to capture growth to the upside and protect portfolios from downside risk.

We can calculate what the sustainable income needs for our clients will be for the rest of their life. We achieve income for our clients through dividends and/or capital gains. The focus may switch from one to the other depending on the economic climate.

We plan for unexpected expenses. We help our clients decide on the best action to take when an unexpected, expensive situation arises. There are tax efficient ways to handle the sale of a security to pay for an expense.

TPG is a fiduciary for our clients. We have an obligation to, and gladly put our clients first during the entire process of the relationship.